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Comprehensive Family Medical Care


Sports Physicals are now Adolescent Well Child Checks


Adolescence is a time of intense physical and behavioral change. Parents, educators and health care providers are working together to support our youth as their role transitions from child to adult. The annual well visit is a key part of this support.

Adolescent well visits cover not just growth and vaccines, but also healthy habits, emotional development and risk-taking. The heart and joint exams needed for sports physicals are included. Our practice goal is to provide comprehensive health care to our patients and their families. Teens often have questions or concerns that they may feel embarrassed to talk about in front of their parents. Suicide is the second leading cause of teen death, and is preventable with screening and treatment. Yearly follow up is important to gauge changes and provide age-appropriate guidance and support.

The annual adolescent well visit includes parents. Parent and child are seen together, then the adolescent alone, then a recap of issues with both parent and patient. This doubles the support of the adolescent, builds trust and helps them develop into their more responsible role as young adults.

Please schedule your child for an adolescent well child visit with their primary physician or nurse practitioner this summer if they need a sports physical. Saturday appointments are available. The deadline for fall sports participation is August 11th.


The providers at Dunes Family Health Care

Dale E. Harris, MD                                                  Michelle Petrofes, MD
Janet E. Patin, MD                                                  Louise LeDuc, MD
Rio Lion, DO                                                            Beki Gray, FNP



The physicians and staff of Dunes Family Health Care would like to welcome you to our clinic.  Our clinic has been serving the Coastal Douglas area since 1977. Dunes Family Health Care was recognized by the Oregon Health Authority as a Patient Centered Primary Care Home in 2012.

We are very pleased that you have chosen us to assist you with your medical care.  This is a trust that we will make every attempt to honor with the quality of medical care that you require and deserve.

Trust between a provider and patient is the core of any healing process.  The concept of Family Medicine is based on building this trust.  When you or one you love is ill or injured, you want responsive, caring, knowledgeable health services performed by a qualified professional who knows you and your family situation.  You need a physician and medical support team who is sensitive to your living conditions, family health history, and other factors that might contribute to your illness or its cure.

Because the DFHC physicians and providers have chosen Family Medicine as their medical specialty, they specialize in you and coordinating your total health care.

The primary goal of Family Medicine is wellness.  A major emphasis of DFHC is patient education.  We try to help you understand how to maintain good health as well as understand illnesses.

We encourage our patients to participate in their care and welcome questions and suggestions on how we can best meet your needs.

To become a specialist in Family Medicine, a physician must complete three years of additional training after medical school, and then pass a very demanding examination in order to become Board Certified.  The Family Medicine Physician must also continue to take 50 hours of postgraduate education every year, and undergo another rigorous examination every seven years in order to be recertified.  The American Board of Family Medicine certifies all of our Family Medicine Physicians.  All of our physicians continue their training and education so that they may offer you the benefit of the most current medical thinking possible.  Dunes Family Health Care also employs a board-certified family nurse practitioner and a board-certified physician assistant to help meet your healthcare needs.

We are qualified and experienced in all aspects of Family Medicine.  Internal medicine, pediatrics, surgery, geriatrics, gynecology, psychiatry and community medicine are all part of our regular practice.  If we feel your problem needs diagnosis or treatment by another specialist, we will refer you to the best consultants available, then work closely with these consultants to ensure that all factors are considered and treated.  More importantly, we ensure that you will always have a physician available to coordinate the specialists' information, and explain it to you in a fashion you can trust and use.  Our medical care providers uphold the specialty of Family Medicine, providing a scope of clinical competence that allows the patient, not the disease, to be the focus of care.


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A sliding (discounted) fee schedule is available at this facility.

 No one will be denied access to services due to inability to pay.



Dunes Family Health Care
620 Ranch Road
Reedsport, OR 97467
541-271-4058 (Fax)

After Hour Emergencies:
If you need medical attention after regular clinic hours,
please call 541-271-2171. 
You will be put in touch with the on call provider.